The Master Key System is the best way to study and apply the LAW OF ATTRACTION in your daily life and to get whatever you want.

It explains universal laws: Law Of Growth, Law Of Cause And Effect and the Law Of Attraction and more. After each chapter you get a lesson to master, to apply the Law Of Attraction in your daily life. It helped thousands of people, what about you? Are you ready to change you life?

This is the one product you’ve been waiting for: the all-new Master Key System audio book. It’s a rare treat indeed. Professionally recorded by ex-BBC news reader, Peter Baker from the United Kingdom, and musically accompanied by custom-composed and arranged intros, parts and bridgets made in Ukraine by Armen Synytsyn of Studio Etude to suit the speed and style of Peter’s voice.

This product is truly unique, as it also contains the extended foreword published in a 1941 UK edition of the Master Key System. Also integrated are Helmar’s additional commentary, helping you understand this amazing teaching even faster and better. Listen to the Affirmations audio (also included below) daily.