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Each Module Includes Audio and Video Coaching

How Do You Know What You Do Not Know?
This coaching and training will clearly, methodically and quickly close the gaps to realize more potential.  Your objective is to maximize production and profit results.

When we decided to sign up for Russ DeVan’s Success by Design un-training course, I must admit that it was with a modicum of trepidation as, being totally new to network marketing, both my husband and I felt absolutely overwhelmed in the mire of folklore and opinion. From the outset we had been flooded with a plethora of “Just do it my way and you’ll be a six-figure income earner in a month” and “Repeat this script and you’ll have no problem signing people up”, all the while struggling to overcome our own lack of knowledge and potential prospects’ immediate negative reaction to multi-level marketing. And the fact that we seemed to be really bad at it – people making high ranks daily while we battled to sign anyone up!What an absolute gem Russ is; his unassuming delivery style coupled with incredibly in-depth knowledge of the industry gave us immediate relief and confidence that we hadn’t made the biggest mistake of our lives! His ‘Success by Design’ just makes sense; his constant reiteration that quality is always preferable to quantity is refreshing in an industry which prizes urgency and immediate growth. Not that Russ doesn’t believe in urgency; this is always important, however by ensuring that each participant has a complete understanding of the process and fundamentals of their business and what they’re trying to achieve, gives each and every attendee both the assurance and the tools to impart this knowledge to their new team members. The most beneficial elements of the un-training have to be:• Understanding how to prospect by building relationships not selling• Establishing a project and developing a duplicatable, systematic and structured approachThese benefits, coupled with the confidence and support that Russ imparts, makes this course incredibly valuable and neither my husband or I would have any hesitation in recommending Success by Design to anyone embarking on a MLM career.

Melody Lucas, CEO Outstand Your Brand & Authorized Independent Dealer
I have been in business for myself for over 55 years and this program is a true Win – Win – WIN!“You don’t lose by what you know, you lose by what you don’t know”……BobThe trouble is, “We don’t know what we don’t know” and that’s exactly what ‘Success by Design” and “Millionaires by Design Club” training, coaching, education and teamwork offers me and those that want the power of success for themselves plus helping others to win in life financially plus Plus PLUS…
Bob Burton, Businessman
Russ DeVan is a standout in an industry that is a blur of purported experts. An exceptional speaker and coach, he inspires audiences to be their best, as well as a dynamic trainer committed to measurable intended results. His own sales organizations have set records and standards for the MLM Industry. Mr. DeVan is the author of state-of-the-art training methodologies and concepts used by thousands of network marketing professionals worldwide. Most importantly, Russ is a trusted confidant, and a great friend.
Richard B. Brooke, CEO BLISS Marketing, Author of 4 Year Career Plan & Mach II With Your Hair On Fire
“Untraining” is a deep breath of fresh air that promotes genuine communication in a relaxed and pleasant manner. Learning how to create relationships in our live webinars and conference calls is delightfully addicting, enjoyable, and will change your financial future.
John Armstrong, Businessman
The MBDClub is a place where ideas grow and community is for real. It’s also where every network marketing professional needs to be to take advantage of Success by Design. This training program is really like nothing else I have found. It has taught me how to set up my project and successfully share my business with the world. I love the community, the ideas, the support, the leadership, the entire concept. It’s brilliant!
Pattie Craumer, Founder, Making Possibilities Real
I want to personally thank you for working with me and allowing me to become an integral part of one of the most exciting and unique approaches to multi-level marketing in history. We will be working together to bring about a positive influence on millions of people throughout the world.
Tony Little, America’s Personal Trainer tm
After many years in the network industry I have witnessed many who attempt to build their businesses by trying to sell and convince someone into wanting what they are offering, before first finding out what that person actually wants. This training is exceptional and hard for most to un-condition their selling tendencies. My own un-training has been to learn how to ask questions to genuinely learn more about them FIRST, without any agenda to “sell” them on anything. If what I offer comes up in the coversation naturally, then and only then do I ask if they have any interest in learning more. This training has transformed my business and has made building it fun.
Lloyd Merrifield, Entrepreneur
My first association with Russ DeVan was through his Success by Design program in the summer of 2001. What attracted me to his system was a different speaking, one that had power, not force, but compassion and a genuine concern for people.My experience of Russ is that he is a great listener! Part of his Success by Design program empowered me to look at what I was listening for in my everyday interactions with people. His teachings are not Tips & Techniques like the usual sales programs. Instead of learning how to “Overcome” objections he address’s the concerns of people coming from a place of acknowledgement for what they are committed to.I feel truly blessed to have met Russ. By his example what started was my journey of personal development beginning with the Freedom Course led by Mike Smith and then on to the Mastery program which Russ has been a part of for more than a decade.I consider Russ to be one of the most important people I have met in my life. He is a great teacher and a friend, one that I can always count on being there if I need him.
Nicole Alo, Trottier Enterprises, Inc.
Russ DeVan is simply a “Master” at network marketing!I had the good fortune to meet with Russ some years ago when I travelled to the US to attend a workshop he was facilitating. Russ’ Success by Design training (or “un-training tm”) as he likes to call it, opened my eyes to a whole new possibility of how network marketing can be trained and done – without the hype, normally associated with it. His work is grounded in reality, experience, and ‘just makes sense.’ As a result of attending that workshop. Russ and I partnered and worked together to bring his Success by Design,inc. and its philosophy and methodologies to the UK.I’ve learned a great deal from Russ and I am proud to say he has been one of my mentors, and also, a dear friend. A lot of my training and own philosophies come from the time Russ and I spent together. I have been fortunate to achieve great success in the network marketing profession and would put a lot of my results down to what I now practice and learned from Russ.Whether you are new to network marketing, looking to develop a career, or a seasoned professional, I would recommend the coaching of Russ DeVan. There are few opportunities to be mentored by someone with the Russ’s integrity, track record, background, and vast industry experience. If given an opportunity to learn about “Success by Design” – grab it with both hands!
Cliff Walker, Diamond Director ~ Jeunesse Global
Russ has developed a functional level of mastery in training and coaching people. He has taken the often complex business of this business and made it the simplest, most understandable, yet most profound and duplicatable organization – growing system you’ve ever seen.
John Milton Fogg, Author of The Greatest Networker in the World